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Jeff Moore

President and Founder

Jeff is an Electrical Engineering graduate of MIT. He has been in the field of embedded computing for over 40 years. Founder of several successful companies, Jeff has used his experience and expertise to provide computer hardware and software solutions for many industries ranging from medical instrumentation, nuclear instrumentation, point of sale terminals, exercise equipment and color printing solutions. Past company and product accolades include "Software Product of the Year", "Inc. 500 – fastest growing company", "Most Significant Software achievement", among many others.

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Eric Marthinsen

Chief Software Architect and Founder

Eric is a Computer Science and Engineering graduate of Bucknell University. He has been the architect and engineer behind a wide range of successful applications developed for clients like Universal Music Group, Kayak, SmartPak, and numerous start-ups. Recently, he collaborated with HP and Microsoft to help develop native showcase applications written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Eric brings diverse experience building applications ranging from embedded systems to enterprise software-as-a-service systems.