Creating embedded software can be as challenging as creating embedded hardware. The tools and frameworks require specialized expertise and, frankly, they aren't keeping up. The UIs of iPads and Surface devices have set a new bar for the quality of embedded applications. Traditional tools aren't up for the job. We created something that is.

We've developed an application environment based upon Chromium. Chromium brings together the best parts of the WebKit HTML rendering framework and the V8 JavaScript engine. We think this combination of technologies is the way of the future.

Amazing Resources

The number of developers, books, best practices, and community activity for web technologies dwarfs any other technology for embedded development. You'll spend less time trying to figure things out and more time innovating.

Proven Platform

Chromium is the same technology behind Google's Chrome web browser. It is currently installed on more that 200 million computers and growing. It regularly receives praise for its speed, stability, and support for current and emerging web standards.

Unified Development

Your web developers can now be productive on your embedded application. You don't need to staff separate teams. Plus, it's way easier to hire someone that knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript than someone that knows GTK+.

Leading Edge Technology

Out-of-the-box, web technologies support audio, video, 3D rendering (with WebGL), raster and vector artwork, UIs that reflow to different application sizes, animation, and a host of other great features.

Right Price

It's free. Yup, the software is open source and free for anyone to use.