We live in a disposable economy. When TVs stop working, they are discarded. Our mobile devices are replaced on an annual basis. Wearables rarely last longer than their battery. But, some things are not disposable. The technology that powers our infrastructure, industry, and healthcare is not disposable. They are important. We build the hardware that powers these things.

Embedded Now is a US-based designer and manufacturer of single board computers and embedded software. Our products are tailor-made for the needs of embedded device manufacturers that require high levels of stability in their components and supply chain.

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An Engineered Head-Start

We've solved the engineering challenges for the processor, memory, storage, power management, and connectivity. Bring your own peripherals, software, and branding - we've taken care of the rest.

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Long-Term Availability

All of our single board computers come with a minimum 5 year manufacturing life. We understand how important long-term availability is for your product and ongoing success.

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Open Source

Our hardware and software is completely open source. We don't believe in walled gardens or hidden implementation details.