J16 - SYS Connector (Note - pins may be longer than shown here)

J16 is a Samtec TMM-108-03-T-D 2x8 2.54mm header that provides connectivity to external peripherals. Various system signals are provided to a header type connector.

Pin Signal Name Description
1 3.3V 3.3V fused at 60ma
2 5V 5V fused at 60ma
3 WAKE1_N I - Wakeup signal
4 I2C_SDA I/O - I2C data line
5 LID_N I - Lid signal
6 I2C_CLK O - I2C clock line
7 SLEEP_N I - Sleep signal
8 BATLOW_N I - low when battery is low
9 PWR_BTN_N I - when low, turns on system
10 THRM_N I - low indicates thermal overload
11 SYS_RESET_N I - when low, resets and reboots
12 THRMTRIP_N O - CPU in thermal shutdown
13 SER0_RX I - serial channel 0
14 SER0_TX I - serial channel data
15 GND Ground
16 GND Ground

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